SewManyTreasures was officially launched when Geneece became "Seamstress-in-Residence" for Jennie Chancey over at, thus providing custom historical garments from Jennie's historical pattern line. Since opening a shop on Etsy ( her historical sewing business has grown, particularly for garments from the very popular Regency/Jane Austen Era. Whether the client desires an accurate period reproduction or a historically inspired piece with a modern feel, a delightful gown can be made to her desires and specifications. In addition to historical garments, Geneece also provides a variety of modern ready-to-wear items and boutique styles for little girls. With several daughters and granddaughters to sew for, she has had many opportunities to create unique items. Bridal sewing, either historic or modern, is another addition to what is offered at SewManyTreasures. From bridal gowns to flowergirl or mother-ofthe-bride dresses, a custom design can be created for your special day! Geneece has a wide range of sewing experience - from pattern drafting for modern wear to home decor and quilting. She has invested over 30 years in sewing and teaching others to enjoy sewing as much as she does. Her experience extends from a couple of generations of seamstresses before her, women who spent the time to instill in her the love of fabric, patterns, embroidery, creative expression, and attention to detail.