Renaissance Era Gowns, circa 1450-1600's

Roxane from Cyrano de Bergerac

Georgian Era Gowns, circa 1780's

Girls Portrait Gowns
*Georgian Era Doll Gowns
Green Toile Gown
Portrait Gown for First Communion
White Toddler Gown
Dark Blue Toddler Gown
Blue and Pink Toile Gowns
Tan/Blue Print for Older Girl
Little Sister Cranberry Red Holiday Gown
Big Sister Cranberry Red Holiday Gown

Ladies Portrait Gowns
White Voile Drawstring Gown

Regency Era Gowns, circa 1795-1820

Girls and Young Ladies Gowns
*Regency Era Doll Clothing
Toddler Easter Gown
Young Lady's Striped Gown and Spencer
Regency Bridesmaids and Flowergirls
Infant Gown in Ivory Eyelet
Girls Day Gowns
A Regency Birthday!
A Georgiana Gown
Matching Sisters Gowns
Gowns for A Family Formal
Floral Gown
Blue Satin Evening Gown
Gold Brocade Gown
Regency Bridesmaid Gown
Toile Gown with Keyhole Sleeve
White Gowns with Mauve Spencers

Ladies Gowns
Museum Gown Reproduction - Forest Green Print on White
White Embroidered Drawstring Gown
Black Velvet Spencer
White Ruffled Drawstring Regency Gown
Pale Yellow Reproduction Fabric
White Muslin Gown
2 Regency Gowns and a Sapphire Blue Spencer
Blue and Green Voile Gown
Sky Blue Gauze with Medium Blue Trim
Dotted Swiss Wedding Gown
Light Blue Dotted Swiss Regency Gown
White Drawstring Gown and Peach Open Robe
Azure Blue Gown with Light Blue Trim
Navy Gown with White Trim
Navy Blue Gauze Gown
Brown Drawstring Gown
Crossver Gown and Regency Apron
Blue Silk Regency Ball Gown
Black Silk Ball Gown for a Black Tie Event!
Ivory Striped Gown with Spencer
Green Voile Print Ball Gown and Blue Day Gown
Aqua Print Regency Day Gown
Blue Gauze Gown
Knee-length, Sleeveless Modern Regency Style
Blue and White Print Day Gown
Pink Gauze Regency Gown
Blue Linen Gown and Fichu
Sisters Cotton Repro Fabric Gowns
White Cotton Gown, Olive Spencer, and a Regency Era Apron
Blue Gauze Gown with Open Robe
Crossover Brocade Gown and Taffeta Spencer
White Silk Gown and Spencer
Buttercup Gauze Reproduction of Gown from 2005 Pride and Prejudice
Striped Voile Day Dress
Lavender Gauze Regency Gown
Calf-Length Linen Gown
Sky Blue Gauze Regency Gown
White Crossover Voile Gown
Navy Blue Gauze Gown
Ivory Gauze Gown
Gold-and-Ivory Striped Open Robe
Topaz Gauze Gown with Open Robe
Batiste Wedding Gown
Teal and Tan Cotton Gown with Pleated Skirt Back
Purple Silk Dupioni
Gowns for a Trip to England
White Satin Knee-Length Gown
Lavender Satin Gown
Emerald Green Gauze Gown
Blue Gauze with Ruffle and Ice Blue Trim
Royal Purple Gauze Gown
Blue Gauze Gown with Bow
Gown, Spencer, and Pelisse
Dark Teal Striped Gauze Gown
Green Calcutta Gown
Peach Gown with White Pearl Trim
Lavender Gown from Butterick 6630
Cream-on-Lavender Day Gown from Butterick 6630

Regency Era Underpinnings
Regency Era Chemise

Regency Era Reticules (the purse of the regency era)
Reticule Examples

Romantic Era Gowns, circa 1830's

Girls Gowns
*Romantic Era Doll Gowns
Modern Fushia Print

Ladies Gowns
Molly Gibson Bridesmaids Gowns

Civil War Era Gowns, circa 1860's

Girls Gowns
Little Girl's Day Dress
Older Girl's Day Dress
Ladies Gowns
Dark Green Evening Gown

Edwardian Aprons circa 1901-1910
Girls Aprons
Butterfly Apron
Country Print Apron
Kitty Apron
Ladies Aprons
Shabby Chic Apron
Cat Apron
Striped Floral Apron
Coffee Apron
Mother/Daughter Matching

Titanic Era, circa 1912

Ladies Gowns
Titanic Event Tea Gown

WW2, or the Swing Era, circa 1940's

Ladies and Young Ladies Gowns
The Normandy Gowns

The 1950s

Ladies, Young Ladies, and Little Ladies
Cotton Print Toddler Dress
Geometric Print Dress
Taffeta and Lace Dress

Girls Pinafores for Multiple Eras
Historical Pinafores for Play
Pink Pinafore and Pantaloons Set
Purple Pinafore and Pantaloons Set